Puresu de Tokyo

closed circuit /Mya - 0
closed circuit /Mya - 1
closed circuit /Mya - 2
closed circuit /Mya - 3
closed circuit /Mya
2000 JPY
this is focus to MYA who is still writing graffiti hard in Tokyo Japan.

he said (maybe you can imagine the people who lay down on the street because of so much hang over in Tokyo.
I am no difference with them at the point, this is never great things but also I can not stop it.
many people like typical salary worker has similar costume and
they always wants to do something for escape routine of work and home.
In particular, drink after work , to go to game center and sex service.
and I am a part of them)

the book show the part of people who can not escape from routine of work to life.
It is also negative part of graffiti scene in Japan.

size : 176 x 250mm
material : silkscreen printed cover , risograph print , offset print for inside , number and sign.
year : 2018

published by Puresu de Tokyo